27th Trucks, Inc. - Custom Septic, Dump and Tractor Trucks - Financing Available - Miami, FL.
27th Trucks Custom Septic Dump and Tractor Trucks For Sale in Miami
27th Trucks Custom Septic Dump and Tractor Trucks For Sale in Miami
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"You Dream It, We Build It"

Best Truck Choice For Your Money!

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best truck choice for your money!

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septic truck

Septic Truck

Search through our Septic Truck inventory. Our trucks are of high quality, various sizes and styles.

dump truck

Dump Truck

Search through our inventory to find the dump truck that best fits your working needs.

tractor truck

Tractor Truck

Take a look at our Tractor Inventory!

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Truck Production

  • Production
  • Septic Truck – Vacuum Truck
  • 2000 – 4000 Gallon Steel Tank
  • Masport Hydra Plug & Play
  • New Tires
  • Aluminum Rim All Around

about 27th Trucks, Inc.

27th Trucks, Inc., is a Family owned company with more than 25 years of experience in the manufacturing of pump, vacuum and septic tank trucks. We count with the greatest and finest Engineers and mechanical staff.


Our services range from commercial trucks, tractors to the most demanding manufacturing of custom tank trucks.


27th Trucks, Inc., builds a variety of Tankers Trucks ranging from Vacuum Trucks, Pumper Trucks, Septic Trucks, Sewer Tank Trucks, Cleaning Tank Trucks. 27th Trucks, Inc., will Custom Build any kind of Tank Truck according to customer specifications either with a new chassis or supplied by the customer.

manufactures we work with

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